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Public Presentation of Vision 2040 Plan!

Consumer Survey

Do you frequent Cook's Corner? Maybe you recently checked out to the new Hannaford. This 5-10 minute survey looks for feedback on what in Cook's Corner is consumer-friendly and what could be done better. An easy, quick way to provide anonymous feedback. Click here or the the blue box to the left go to the survey.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And that's why this survey uses pictures to gauge personal preference for design style. Sometimes it is easier to point to what works rather than trying to describe it with words. This 5-10 minute activity allows you to choose concepts and ideas that can inform what the future could look like for Cook's Corner. Click here or the green box to be taken to the activity.

Share an idea

This is your chance to be creative. Maybe you have a great idea for how to support new business in Cook's Corner. Or a public art concept that would bring vibrancy to the area. Click here or the red box to have your say. 

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