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Update 6/4/2022

At the end of May, the Town Council adopted the Cook's Corner Revitalization Plan. Coverage can be found here. The final plan can be read here.

Where can I find resources and presentations related to Cook's Corner?
How does this process impact existing businesses? 

This process is intended to benefit existing businesses as well as potential new businesses who would want to locate in Cook's Corner. Existing businesses are encouraged to fill out the Consumer Survey and Designer Preference Survey to give their input into the future of the area. 

What is the Cook's Corner Commercial Corridor Revitalization Plan
Who else is involved in this process? 

The Cooks Corner Revitalization Plan is a participatory process to produce a long-term vision and roadmap that will create a vibrant commercial district. 

There is a Cook's Corner Advisory Committee that is comprised of individuals and groups that hold an interest in the area. 

While the Advisory Committee is an important part of driving this process, the input from the larger public and all patrons of Cook's Corner is extremely important to develop a vision that draws from a range of input. 

What other work has recently been completed around Cook's Corner?

There has been significant investment into the region with several projects slated for the future. Click here for a map of recently completed work.

Who are the consultants on the project? 

Camoin Associates, based in Scarborough, Maine is leading the consultant team. With support from Gorrill Palmer. Both firms have extensive experience in this type of work in Maine and the Town is pleased to partner with them on this project. For more information on Camoin Associates click here, for more information on Gorrill Palmer, click here

What are the anticipated out comes of this process? 

This process will establish a renewed vision for Cook's Corner, and most importantly, provide the roadmap for how to achieve this vision. This effort will build on the extensive work that the Town and their partners have all put into visioning this area. With new realities based on COVID-19 and other lifestyle changes, it is important to update the vision and put the proper policies and mechanisms in place to execute on a plan. 

What is the timeline for this project? 

The planning process is nearing completion. A workshop will be given to the Town Council on March 24th. 

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